By: Naomi LeBaron Wilson


In the spirit of community and growth, 2024 marks an exciting chapter for Community Action Services and Food Bank (CASFB). Our commitment to togetherness and sustainability remains unwavering. Embrace the spirit of positive change with us as we embark on a year filled with compassion, community, and lasting impact.

Community Garden Expansion

In 2024, we are thrilled to unveil plans to expand our community gardens! This exciting endeavor signifies our commitment to expanding access to fresh, locally grown produce. Our community garden expansion project wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and support of our amazing community partners. These partnerships have been instrumental in fostering a sense of togetherness and sustainability.

Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA)

Community Action Services and Food Bank will begin its second year strengthening the local Utah economy by participating in the Local Food Purchase Assistance program. CASFB’s USDA LFPA grant funding through Utah Dept of Health will allow us to continue purchasing food from local, disadvantaged farmers and providing pantry guests with fresh, regionally produced goods through the end of 2024.

Diaper Grant

At the heart of CASFB’s commitment to address the barriers parents and caregivers of young children face in achieving long-term self-reliance is our partnership with CAP Utah and the Utah Diaper Bank to eliminate the diaper gap among low-income families–when families run out of diapers before their next paycheck–through our participation in the Diaper Distribution Demonstration & Research Program.

As we look to 2024, we are committed to enhancing and expanding the Diaper Grant initiative. Our goal is to reach even more families, reduce barriers to access, and ensure that every child in our community has the diapers they need for a comfortable and healthy start in life.

CASFB Turns 57! 

Founded in 1967, Community Action Services and Food Bank eagerly anticipates the arrival of May 20, a milestone of 57 years! We’re gearing up for a Birthday Bash like no other including more community events that all can be involved in.

Stay tuned for announcements about the birthday celebration, including date, venue, and exciting activities planned. Let’s come together to celebrate not just years, but decades of positive impact, community empowerment, and the promise of a brighter future.

Community Action Network Celebrates 60 Years Nationwide

As a Community Action Network member agency, CASFB also recognizes the Community Action Network achievement of providing six decades of unwavering commitment, and transformative growth to countless lives across the US. Over these 60 years, the organization has been a catalyst for positive change, tirelessly working to uplift individuals and families facing the challenges of poverty. 

Community Action has created a long list of activities, a poster contest, and a specialized logo. Join them in these celebrations, online or in person!

Food & More Gala

Building on the incredible triumph of the inaugural “Food & More Gala” hosted in September 2023, we are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of this spectacular event in 2024! 

The First Food & More Gala hosted in September 2023 was a fantastic success and helped raise more than $92,000 to fund a mobile food pantry that will allow CASFB to help alleviate more food insecurity in Wasatch & Summit Counties.

Get ready for another night of glamour as we gear up for 2024! This year’s event promises to surpass expectations, featuring inspiring speakers, engaging activities, and the opportunity to recognize those in our community committed to investing in CASFB efforts to make a lasting impact on our community.

Mobile Food Pantry

The funds raised from the 2023 Gala have already set wheels in motion – quite literally! 

We are excited to share that a mobile food pantry is in the works, thanks to your generosity. This innovative initiative will extend our reach, allowing us to better serve Summit & Wasatch Counties by bringing essential food assistance directly to those in need in our rural communities.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is designed to provide discounts on broadband services and devices to qualifying low-income households. CASFB hopes to expand this network and better assist low-income families with easier access to the Internet in 2024.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP is specifically designed to help individuals and families access nutritious food. Participants in the SNAP program receives electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards that can be used to purchase eligible food items at authorized retailers, including grocery stores and farmers’ markets. CASFB will expand its outreach efforts for this program, so families in need have an additional resource with which to address food insecurity.

Warming Centers

CASFB will coordinate the operation of Warming Centers in Utah County. These Warming Centers will provide a safe and warm refuge when nightly temperatures drop to 15 degrees or lower (“Code Blue” nights) starting in October 2024. These centers will promote both the physical well-being and the dignity and safety of unsheltered individuals and couples. Families with children and the elderly will continue to be sheltered in local motels, as available.

The warming centers will be in need of volunteers to cover 3-hour shifts throughout the night and warm blanket donations. Stay tuned for more information about these service opportunities.

An Exciting Year Ahead

CASFB has an exciting year ahead! Together, we can make a lasting impact on the community. Help us provide ‘Food and More’ by making a monetary donation, being a volunteer, or hosting a food drive.