14% of Utah County lives in poverty.

That means more than 72,000 of our neighbors and friends are severely struggling to make ends meet. To give you an idea of what that looks like, according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines, a family of 4 is living off less than $24,000 per year

Community Action fosters self-reliance.

Our food services are just a small part of what we provide. Learn more about what we do to help our community become more self-sufficient.

For every dollar donated, we are able to feed a family of 4 for a day!

This is possible through our community partners and our grocery rescue program which allow us to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, bread and other essential items. Adding a financial component to your food drive can go a long way.

Food drives come at a price. We’re happy to assist in transportation when needed but ask that you make a $25 minimum donation to help cover the operating cost for delivery. We wish we could drive all over the valley picking up donated food but it takes a toll on our limited resources. Providing your own transportation allows us to put all our resources into directly helping families become self-sufficient. We have collection barrels and money collection containers available upon request. Each barrel holds about 100-150 pounds of food and can usually fit in an average sized truck bed.